Sculptural Felt International

Sculptural Felt International


Sculptural Felt International

Curated by Kitty Korver of The Netherlands


‘Sculptural Felt International…we felt like crossing borders’, was first shown in two museum venues in the Netherlands in 2014. In 2015 this remarkable exhibition will tour to two galleries in Australia, giving Australian audiences a first hand insight into contemporary sculptural feltmaking across the globe. Wollongong Art Gallery is one of the Australian venues. Opening 4th SEptember – 29th November 2015.

Sculptural Felt International brings together the work of twelve artists from six different countries. The artists in the exhibition are: Stephanie Metz (USA), Keiko Mizoguchi (JP), Chung-Im Kim (CAN), Kitty Korver (NL), Anita Larkin (AUS), Marjolein Dallinga (CAN), Meiri Ishida (JP), Jantine Koppert (NL), Rebecca Howdeshell (USA), Hiroko Sato-Pijanowski (JP), Sara Owens (USA), and Jenne Giles (USA). Each artist in some way crosses the boundaries between felt and other disciplines, techniques, materials or concepts, thereby bringing felt into a very contemporary and innovative context. They are exploring how a different discipline’s tools, skills, and way of thinking can be applied to the medium of felt.

The intriguing works in the exhibition range from large architectural forms in felt, to tiny sculptural forms within a ring. Felt is a medium with unique tactile characteristics and physical properties unlike any other. This most alluring and sensual material has been used by nomadic people for thousands of years as shelter, it lies hidden within musical instruments and works hard cushioning friction in industrial machinery. It can speak profoundly of our humanity and of a connection to the body, offering an intimate relationship between the artwork and the viewer.

Sculptural felt International is bound to entice.


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