More IAVA brilliance…

More IAVA brilliance…

Libby Bloxham  is one of only 23 finalists to be selected for the upcoming  Sculpture in the Garden: Wollongong Acquisitive Sculpture Award.  This exhibition attracts entrants nationally and has a major prize of $30,000. It will be held in Wollongong Botanic Gardens in May 2018. Good luck Libby! We look forward to seeing your work installed.

Member Gary Christian has been busy too. He features in this year’s Paddington Prize for landscape painting with his beautiful piece, Fair weather? This annual event is also a high-status and incredibly competitive art award. Congratulations Gary and well done.

Deb Redwood never stops, as many will know.  Most recently, Deb has been featured in the popular Sculptures at Killalea event with her beautiful piece Starfish, pictured above.

Congratulations to all three artists on their achievements!


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