Share your thoughts about Wollongong Council’s Cultural Plan

Share your thoughts about Wollongong Council’s Cultural Plan

Wollongong Council writes:

Council is developing a new Cultural Plan for Wollongong. This Plan will guide us in supporting arts, heritage and culture in our City.

We’re inviting our local community and creative community to share their thoughts for the Plan via a survey. The information we collect will help shape the future direction in building a more vibrant Wollongong.  I have attached a copy of the survey and a list of Frequently Asked Questions to this email. I hope you can assist us by filling out a survey and  distributing the surveys to your networks.

The survey can be completed:

The survey will be open from 26 March to 27 April 2018.

If you would like more information please call Kiosha Gardner on 4227 8239

Cultural Plan Survey FAQ

Cultural Plan Survey


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