Guidelines for submitting membership application

Application form:
Applicants should supply only the information that is requested, all together, and in a concise, readable and professional manner. Your care with this displays your commitment to being a contemporary artist, and your understanding of IAVA’s objectives.

An Artist’s CV should be supplied – this is NOT a job resume containing irrelevant past work experience etc. It should be one page only. An artist’s CV should contain information such as (but not limited to) art education, exhibitions you have had  (most recent listed first), collaborative projects with other art workers, residencies, collections your work is held in, etc. etc. The CV should be set out in a clear and easily readable way under headings such as those mentioned. Your CV should clearly outline that you have been actively working as a contemporary artist or arts worker over a reasonable period of time. DO NOT include irrelevant material.

Artist Statement:
An artist statement is about your work, not about your personal life journey, where you grew up etc (except in relation to how they directly inform your art work). Artist statements should be concise and informative. If you read it to someone else they should be able to understand something of the theoretical underpinnings of your work and your processes as an artist. Discussing your work with others is a good way of developing and consolidating what your work is about. The other way to consolidate what your work is about is through making and looking at it with a critical eye. Take others’ criticism of your work as an opportunity to reconsider what is unnecessary and to help to narrow your art practice down to the essentials, to make a stronger presentation of your work. Please make sure that your statement is grammatically correct. Read it aloud to check that it reads well.

Benefit to IAVA:
IAVA wishes to encourage members who are active within the arts community to show their ability to work with a group of different people. Include in your CV whether you have worked on community projects or in an arts related project that demonstrates co-operation with others.

Supplied Images:
Supply only the requested number. The images supplied should be of your best work and good quality images. If you take your artwork seriously take care to photograph it well. The images supplied should demonstrate innovative and fresh ideas or methods that are contemporary, and reflect a resolved art practice. Size of your images should be at least 400 pixels on the longest edge and no larger than 800 pixels on the longest edge. Total file size of all 5 images should not exceed 2MB.
** Exhibition quality images of exhibition quality work

If your Practice is less that 5 years:
If your are unable to document a practice of at least 5 years please supply a practice plan which outlines how you would plan to grow your practice eg exhibitions, grants, residencies, prizes that you would plan to apply for etc. Your artist statement may also provide insight to your long term vision for your practice.

IAVA membership should not be seen as the way to make your practice happen – IAVA is an association of professional practising artists who enjoy the benefits of being IAVA members but also work hard to build their practice outside of IAVA.

As a member of IAVA you must be willing to commit to exhibiting in at least one IAVA group show   every 2-3 years.

Please feel free to contact IAVA if you have any questions.

Download these guidelines.

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