Murphy Bouma

Murphy Bouma is a young emerging artist who explores the relationship between the Australian landscape and identity through her subjective and environmental approach to art making. Through the framework of ‘Landscape and Identity’, her work looks at how the landscape can be used as a way of identifying our own cultural and personal identities. Her work depicts the landscape of Australia, mainly around her home in the Illawarra, through the use of ambiguity, colour, light and dark, and abstraction. Bouma has worked in a wide range of mediums that include painting, photography, drawing, printmaking and installation. She approaches her art practice in an environmental way using recycled materials to produce her works, including cardboard, wood and paper. Colour has been a main focus in her most recent work. Using colours that are seen within the landscape or that can evoke an emotion or memory that others have with it. The landscapes although are done through abstraction, retain representational elements that will identify them as landscapes, for example the escarpment that overlooks the Illawarra.

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