Nicole Grimm-Hewitt

The main emphasis of my work is seascapes, beach scenes and water study. There is also a strong connection to the land. I create pieces that link to my love of the outdoors including forest scenes, Australian bush-tracks, bird life and also cycling related paintings and sketches.


I use photographic reference and images from my mind, especially when creating more abstract pieces. Working with acrylic on canvas or linen, and incorporating multi-media, many of my paintings are of a dominant land or seascape and include a subtle living element.

Through camping trips as a child, my parents instilled in me a love for the outdoors, an appreciation for our beautiful country. More importantly they shared with me the simple joy of observing.

In more recent years my passion for cycling has had an influence on my art. The exhilaration, the freedom, and even at times the bliss of solitude – it’s all these things I try to capture in my art.

The rhythm of the ocean has fascinated me for years. Like us, the sea has many moods and a trip to the beach is often the best way to find answers. Whether it’s a wild and stormy sea or a bright sunny day with lapping waves, it is a true inspiration. I’ll never tire of painting it…




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