Virginia Settre

Virginia Settre’s artworks allude to societal perceptions of nature in contemporary times and the indelible relationship between visual culture and ecological nature. Within the art work visual heritage is unpacked, in order to expose the root of our perceptions of nature.

Virginia’s photographs evoke an ambiguous sense of memory; the space where landscape resides as cultural nostalgia.  Within the artwork there is the suggestion that we are looking through a ‘lens’ of our own interpretation. Her paintings hint at those fleeting moments when we savour the natural environment; albeit through a cultural lens. The blurred images create the sensation of looking through some sort of veiling, or a window / windscreen; as if there is a corruption to our connection to nature.  The work communicates with subconscious and calls to mind an experience of landscape and space.


Contact Virginia:

Ph: 0422 988 355


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